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Although the headline seems a misprint it is not, is in the plural. And is that Myriad Pictures is preparing a project formed by two films: ‘The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: His’ and Hers.  Ned Benson, has written two screenplays and direct the two films.

James McAvoy and Jessica Chastain star in a The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby and counting two perspectives, one in each:

This is to tell a love story that explores the relationship of a couple of New York at a difficult time in their marriage, from the point of view of the husband (James McAvoy), a restaurant owner, and wife (Jessica Chastain ), who returns to college. The winner and five-time Oscar nominee William Hurt (“Kiss of the Spider Woman”) is in negotiations to join the cast.

Kirk D’Amico, Myriad Pictures CEO said: “Ned has created rich and interesting characters. They are complex, and it is unique to have two different scripts to tell a single story. No matter what script is read first, to nevertheless want to read the other perspective ”

The film represents an alternative approach to content, which D’Amico believes that has to do with changing distribution models. “You may consider making films in a totally different way.  Also intrigued to know what will happen to our dealers, check what kind of release and promotion options that may arise.”

However, both films are independent. D’Amico said: “We have to do both films, working separately, both for retailers and the public. Together, the two describe a unit, a more complete look at these characters and their lives.” –


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Judges may confiscate from today’s car drivers who commit serious crimes. It is expected that 50,000 drivers are applying this new road safety legislation. Judges may order the forfeiture of the vehicle drivers who commit a felony, speeding, driving drunk or without a license, starting this Thursday, when in effect the last reform of the Penal Code.

Among the reforms introduced in the Penal Code include various developments affecting the traffic. Thus, Article 385 bis opens the possibility that a judge decides to confiscate the vehicle of a driver who has committed a serious crime against road safety.

When was modified in the House of Representatives the Penal Code, the director of the DGT, Pere Navarro, warned that the measure would only be used in an “exceptional as an alternative to prison.” “It opens the possibility to judge, based on the special and exceptional circumstances, that in some cases can be considered the confiscation of the vehicle,” said Navarro then. However, the introduction of this possibility Penal Code has drawn criticism in some auto club. In this sense, European Automobile Associates (AEA) considers “disproportionate” the measure and ensures that, as drafted the Penal Code, “the seizure has not been considered as an exceptional measure, but should apply to all convictions for crimes against road safety. ” Therefore anticipated that approximately 50,000 motorists a year will lose their car.

“If what is sought is an injunction or injunctions to prevent a vehicle to be used temporarily while someone is deprived of the right to drive, or subjected to any detoxification program alcohol or drugs that should have been regulated is no forfeiture but the tank, which is a suitable figure for such cases, because you can recover possession of the vehicle once the motorist has paid his debt to society, “says SAA.

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TAG Heuer Men’s Watches And More…

For lovers of the Hublot Wrist Watch (and cars) Mercedes presented this Carrera series, made for the star brand by signing exclusive watches for men.

Pressing the button twice can measure automatic velocities up to 400 km / h, with reference to the km of the highway. Curious application that have been found to relate the clock and cars.

Frabricarán and only 3,500 units, and its design (in two different finishes) you can see something similar to the iconic side vents Mercedes SLR McLaren. About the price … do not say anything, but we could say it will be “exclusive”.

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